No Way Out

 In Mansfield Grey, Today's Feed


Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey


Nothing seemed to make sense about what was going on. The four of us had made our way into position for the execution of our rescue plan. Q and Sticks armed with their sasers’ maneuvered their way behind the infirmary while Bronco and I made our way to the front entrance.

As we lay in wait for the two jawbreaker guards to exit the building and start their rounds, I couldn’t help but get this uneasy feeling of why Clark wasn’t concerned with four disobedient rogue soldiers running around on his base causing shit. We hadn’t seen a guard for a while and it seemed strange they weren’t out looking for us.

Then I looked at Bronco and laughed. I whispered ” Hey Broncs, what happened to your eye brow?”

“Sticks, that fucker!” Bronco whispered back,..”.I’m gonna get that little shit when this party’s over! He blasted me with his sound stick. Burnt my eye brow clean off. Now I look like one of those jawbreakers” Bronco replied.

“That gives me an idea Broncs. You’re Six foot seven, six foot eight right?” I asked.

Bronco nodded back.

“How do you feel about loosing the other eye brow? We need to take out one of these guards as he does his rounds. We will grab his uniform, give him a haircuts for a wig, and get you to bring me inside as a prisoner. Once inside we let Q and Sticks in the back door. We find Axe and Pogo and we’re gone. I just hope they haven’t started the procedure yet?  I explained.

“What are you going to do if you run into Clark, Manny?” Bronco inquired.

“I thought about that….. One side of me wants to rip his head off….real slow like. The other part of me wants to get the fuck outta here and move on. I guess I will know when it happens”. I said. “Then I chuckled again but with an eerie feeling in my stomach and recited sarcastically “It shall be what it shall be”

“Not me Manny, I’m gonna fuck him up!  I am gonna make him watch me, kick his ass, and then I am gonna do it again and again.!” confessed Bronco in his toughest whisper.

Then we heard Clark on speaker. It was loud enough to be heard from all around.  “Captain Mansfield Grey, Sargent Timothy Broncovich, Staff Sargent Quenten Summers, Sargent Robert Stickly…. You have one minute to surrender or you will be neutralized by a sonic frequency beam that will render you helpless. Every muscle in your body will seize up and you will have to endure excruciating pain and suffering for up to eight hours…. Just some of the newest tech we’ve been working on Manny…… There is no way out of here, not without my help gentleman. …. Come on in and ease the pain. You know it’s what you really want guys. ……Sticks, can you hear your baby crying?….. Bronco, how’s Theresa? …..Can you live with that? ……You know what you did Summers, your disgraceful,……Manny, I can still hear your kid calling out for his daddy, and you weren’t there Mansfield, you weren’t there……Come on in guys, The Headlock Corporation values your work.” Clark spewed on. ….Ahh fuck it! I don’t have time for this.

Suddenly a high pitch sound started to emanate from the pyramid. It was getting higher and higher. I could feel myself loosing strength, I couldn’t think strait. Where was I?  When can I go home to….to…. I hit the ground, I couldn’t move, I was awake but paralyzed. My stomach went into muscle contractions, then my shoulders started to ache, my arms went numb. The pitch kept increasing higher and higher until I could no longer hear it. I was pinned to the ground. I couldn’t move. My whole body started convulsing. That was the last thing I remember.

I awoke strapped to a chair with my head in a harness. I don’t know how long I was unconscious. I was looking straight ahead, eye clips on my eyes to keep them open, a saline drip dripping into my eyes to keep them moist. My view was of a giant video screen. I couldn’t move. My muscles were still convulsing, mostly in my stomach.  I could peripherally see Bronco, Q, and Sticks in chairs beside me. We were all forced to watch a big movie screen with horrific pictures of torture, mutilations and death, along with video of our families going about their daily lives, care free and happy. I could hear people talking around me discussing money. In the back ground I could hear that familiar one hundred and ten hertz mixed in with classical string music.

I thought to myself. I know this program!

I tried to move my arm. My body went into convulsions again. The pain was so great I passed out again.



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