Second Chance

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Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey


I had made my way over to the cooler and reached in to get another beer, when this beautiful woman reached in and grabbed the exact same beer I was holding.

“Oh excuse me Captain, I see there is only one craft beer left. Why don’t you have it, and tonight I can go to sleep knowing I did something for my country,” she said with the most beautiful smile.

“I can’t have a beautiful smile like that stop smiling. You go ahead, it’s your beer,” I couldn’t look away. Her smile mesmerized me.

“So how do you know Robert, I mean Sticks?” she asked.

“We work together; we’re in the same unit.” I answered back with my best smile and tone. “And you?”

Before she told me the answer my body started to shake uncontrollably. I was getting colder and colder by the second. Everything went black. I couldn’t see. I didn’t know where I was. I could feel warm water running between my arms and body, followed by unpleasant cold air blowing on me.

I couldn’t open my eyes. They seemed to be covered with something I couldn’t identify.

Then I heard the soft beautiful voice from my dream. “It’s okay Captain, you’re alive, and you will be fine. Just relax and let me disconnect you. Only a few more seconds, there – open your eyes slowly and try to focus on me.”

It was Dr. Sara Mann. There she was with that smile. She began to fill me in on our status.

“You have just come out of the nano chamber. You have been submerged for two cavern days. You are completely healed of all your genetic imperfections and have had DNA re-conditioning technology, nano fibre and microbot enhancement.”

“What does all this mean, Doc?”

“I will continue to fill you in as we go. We have to get out of here, Mansfield. Now!”

“You have to help me with Broncovich, Stickley and Summers. They are in these nano chambers over here. What you need to do is turn this dial to zero here. Push this oxygen button, and then as they rise out of the solution, do as I did to you. Remove the electrodes from their bodies and remove the eye covers. We have to move quickly.”

“What happened to Axe and Pogo?” I asked with concern.

“I wasn’t able to save Axeman and Pogowitz. Go revive Summers, I will revive Broncovich and Stickly,” Sara ordered.

“Are they dead?” I shot back.

She didn’t answer the question. “Go!”

I moved to Q’s chamber and did what she instructed. Q came out and began to recover. I went over to Sara and asked again “Are Axe and Pogo dead?”

The boys started to gather around.

“Well they may as well be. They started their process a day ahead of you guys. Clark was all eyes selling his controlled soldier theory to the private corporations and I couldn’t get close enough to manipulate the CPU’s that are implanted in their brains. They are Clark’s robots now. They left yesterday to do some job on the surface, but they should all be back in about two cavern hours.” Sara explained.

“Do we have these CPU’s in our brains now?” I asked reluctantly.

“You each have a CPU inside your brains and all the latest technology that goes with it. You do not have the control module installed. I was able to remove it after Clark left. The control module enables Clark to control your body and mind. You are still yourselves gentlemen.” Sara continued, “You have nano fibres that are connected to all of your nerves. You will be able to run faster, lift more, see, taste, smell, and hear better. You have the ability to heal yourself through the nano technology and DNA enhancement. You guys are super human.”

“We are not going to be controlled by Clark anymore?” Bronco chimed in. “And we are super human? Huh, I like the sound of that Manny! I am in!”

“We have to get out of here guys, so let’s move. Does anyone know how to fly a plane?” Sara asked.

“Yes I have my pilot’s license.” Q volunteered.

“Good! Ever fly a tic-tac?” Sara inquired with sarcasm.


“An anti-gravity capsule?”

“No,” Q replied.

“Well you’re gonna learn quickly,” Sara said with a smile, and handed Q a key.


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