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Written by: Collette Cottingham   Have you lived before? In another time or place? Sit with the idea for a while, what does your gut tell you? Everything was confused, even the weather was [...]

Dearest Love

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye   your heart is open to the wilderness, the breath of the sky and brilliance of form   be yourself be free   sleep not in anger  for the world speak [...]

The Sparkle of Peace

Written by: Collette Cottingham   You can feel alone even in a city. The cold cuts right through to your inner core. This cold reminds me I am not alone. The cold can take a stinging bite [...]

Winter Solstice

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye   when I awoke my nose was so cold and the blankets  warm and heavy   arriving late in the dark I hadn’t noticed the curtains yellow checkerboard and [...]