If You Believe All This

Just keep reading.

  • Collette Cottingham
    Collette Cottingham Writer and Community Mentor

The Sovereign

Written by: Collette Cottinghaam   The road was long, rough and treacherous, at seven months pregnant, the bouncy carriage tossed her about. She was Queen, but had no say. The King was [...]

Stains of Glass

Written by: Collette Cottingham   Wntzar aka Casey stared up at the little white church. The church office was expecting her. Under the pretense of doing family history research and with a [...]

Wntzar’s Desert

Written by: Collette Cottingham   The road was rough, the old Fairlane seemed to be sucking up the dust from the road and blowing it in her face. The dirt settled inside the car like a warm [...]

Secrets of the Wind

Written by: Collette Cottingham   Time heals all wounds they say…the blood drizzle down my fingers. This is a common occurrence for me this time of year. The dry heat cracked the inner [...]

The Steamboat

Written by: Collette Cottingham   I live in a canyon surrounded by large rock formations. The elders say a mighty river once flowed through this canyon. Hard to believe since the canyon is [...]

Next Stop

Written by: Collette Cottingham   The train squealed along the tracks. He was on course, but there would be a small detour. A detour he happily took anytime he was in this area or a close [...]