If You Believe All This

Just keep reading.

  • Collette Cottingham
    Collette Cottingham Writer and Community Mentor


Written by: Collette Cottingham, en Watur   His humming broke her sleep. She sat up in bed. Was it real or a dream. She held her breath and let the quiet answer her question. Silence, it was [...]


Written by: Collette Cottingham   Have you lived before? In another time or place? Sit with the idea for a while, what does your gut tell you? Everything was confused, even the weather was [...]


Written by: Collette Cottingham   Dust sprayed off the shelves, how can this be, I just dusted yesterday. The bell to the front door chimed. “How may I help you sir?” He squeezed her face [...]

Mystery’s Answer

Written by: Collette Cottingham   The clinging of her tea spoon filled the air with the smell of old books and coffee dancing around. She loved this cozy little coffee bookstore. The [...]

Broken Dreams

Written by: Collette Cottingham   Have you ever traveled to a place over and over and still not known why? I come here several times a week. I sit in the same place. A bench eight rows back. [...]

The Sparkle of Peace

Written by: Collette Cottingham   You can feel alone even in a city. The cold cuts right through to your inner core. This cold reminds me I am not alone. The cold can take a stinging bite [...]