Deep State

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Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey


Sara handed Q a manual on how to fly the anti-gravity machine. The manual read “Titan 3.0 Guide to the Stars”. It had a picture of a sunset on the cover.

Q studied the manual while walking down the hallway to the airfield.

“I think we’re going to need some clothes Doc,” said Sticks.

Bronco laughed,”Yeah, I don’t mind running around all naked and stuff, but this could get ugly. Hey Q, are you cold?”

We all  joined Bronco’s laughter, including Sara.

“Shut up Bronco, I gotta fly this…this fucking tic-tac thing.”

Sara broke the mood, “We will stop at the guard house on the way. I programmed the guards into sleep mode for now. I implanted a bug in their CPUs. They will be down for the next little while we move around and make our escape to the surface. The other scientists and doctors are all gathered in a meeting in the banquet facility. This will be our only chance.”

“Where is the Zx643?” I asked.

Sara continued, “Clark took it on the mission with your boys. It might be lost for good to the Deep State. I think they were going to create some unfavorable weather conditions in the middle east to coerce them into letting Headlock USA dig in Iran. Most of the ancient tech is buried there. All that you see and have experienced down here is all reverse technology from generations of previous humans. The Deep State uses the alien scenario to create fear in the general population. It is a great cover for them to continue to experiment on civilians. Alien abductions, sightings, encounters, it’s all part of the plot to continue to experiment with bio-technology, weaponry and genetics. The human race has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. Humans have lived and died many times and lost their technology to climate change, polar shifts, and catastrophic events. There is even evidence that there has been a nuclear war here on the earth in the past. The Deep State has known this since the early 1900s and controls all technology that gets released.

“You mean the Nazis?” Sticks asked.

“Yes…they are in the main group of factions that is the Deep State,” replied Sara.

We got to the guards’ house and grabbed some uniforms. “Hey doc, these are a little big, wouldn’t ya say?” I asked.

“Gentlemen, by the time we get to the surface, you will have grown into them,” said Sara.



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