Our Mission:

Our mission is simple. We intend to provide a collaborative example of writers who not only support each other in their creativity, but also offer the reflection of “every day” creative confidence. We are the accomplished in motion. OR Anontropolis is real-time interaction with other writers who are living the resonant impulse they feel in the world. We are the collective permission to be forwardly eloquent.

What does this collective look like in motion?

As writers, we often lack role models for this significant personal achievement of self-expression and self-awareness. By being a part of Anontropolis, however, we have created the opportunity to find these role models in each other.

We have a weekly, facilitated inspiration challenge, a writing prompt. This prompt is intended to provide an external focus that becomes the catalyst for inner clarity. Members are invited to write a creative piece, using the inspiration challenge as it speaks to their individual writing goals, or to simply share their ideas, experiences and comments as they are inspired by another member’s piece.

In addition, we commit to a culture of compliments, not critique. Our members are asked to commit to positively reinforce each other’s talent. The world wants to read us. We intend to encourage each other to “write up” and be heard, regardless of form or genre.

We currently are offering two levels of engagement:

  1. A public blog site where our collective work can be witnessed. It is intended to provide meaningful examples of what it means to be confident, writing, and successfully published. Other writers can follow along with the members’ libraries on their own, and participate in the conversation on our Facebook page and Instagram accounts.
  2. We also have a private and secure members-only community site, writers can participate openly in a forum conversation. It’s really a weekly write-off in response to the weekly inspiration challenge. There is an opportunity for all members to post a piece inside the private site, and participate in the on-going daily conversations that arise. The content is moderated, committed to maintaining a positive and accessible space. Our group culture is grounded in encouragement, inclusion, and most important, creativity.

As we grow, so will our ability to support and promote writers at all levels of our craft. 

We wish for the writers who participate with us on all levels to experience the profound freedom, success, satisfaction, and creative abundance we cultivate and experience ourselves.