In Mansfield Grey, Today's Feed

Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey


Sara and I made our way down the pyramid as it continued to get darker. The sky kept changing colour from purple-pink, to a blueish-green aura. As the sky changed so did the gravity. It was forcing us down. There was a great pressure on my body as we descended down the giant stone staircase. Each step we took became harder and harder.

Sara had briefed me before heading out of the top of the pyramid: the nights are difficult because the gravity changes due to the frequency change. She said we are under Groom Lake at military base S4. You would never know the lake was alive because they built a steel cover over the lake to make it seem like it was a dried up salt flat. The facility runs on this ancient technology of resonance: the sound somehow creates the environment through frequency manipulation with the pyramid. It creates a frequency which hits the water ceiling above and shoots it into Groom Lake. The field it creates heats up and gives off light like the sun. It all has to do with manipulations of frequency, gravity, and electromagnetic fields through water and the right elements on the periodic table.

Turns out the Nazis teamed up with the Americans during the Second World Warbefore the end of the war, not after. This initiated Operation Paperclip in which the Americans welcomed the smartest Nazi scientists into top level jobs within the American government and NASA. They welcomed war criminals and turned a blind eye to their crimes against humanity. The Nazis had discovered all kinds of technology in the countries that they plundered, and that became a number one priority for the Third Reich. It was a small group of around 200 Nazi officers who escaped into South America after the war. Some made their way to America to take positions within the government and major corporations to control and manipulate the world economy.

Hitler apparently made his way down here to heal his arthritis in the 50s. And while the frequency down here heals, if you stay too long your body adjusts and you can’t go back to the surface. If you do you will drown; the oxygen level on the surface becomes like breathing underwater. When Sara had shared this bit of information, I knew we had to get out of this cavern soon.

The gravity was increasing and we were almost to the bottom of the pyramid. When I looked back for Sara, she was gone, nowhere to be found. What the hell? Like a flash, the woman was gone! But how? I had bigger problems now. One of my guys is a rat! Well…not really. He is just misguided. I know it’s not his free will that is his reality, it is his programming.

My mind began to race thinking about the behaviour of each member of Red Band 1 over the last, longest, motherfucking day of my life! I would automatically single out Axe and Pogo because of their previous actions in the jail house. Q is the obvious one because he is the tech guy. He gives us our Intel. He could have easily led us here, but shit, that’s way too obvious. Maybe? Stick Man and Cowboy Bronco – no way! We go way back. I knew them guys way before the Red Band Project. It isn’t them. It can’t be. Fuck! I just don’t know.

I had made my way down the pyramid to find that no one was there waiting for me. Then there was a faint sound over my shoulder. As I held my breath and focused, I could hear Clark barking out instruction in the distance. He was getting closer. I had to hide.

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