The Climb

 In Mansfield Grey, Today's Feed

Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey

We had been walking for an about twenty minutes, though I had no clue about time anymore. It seemed to always be daylight down here. We hadn’t slept or ate anything for what seemed like days, but it’s hard to tell. The strange thing is we all agreed we were not hungry or tired. We felt great. There must be a link to the atmosphere, the pyramid, and the frequency it gives off.  Our instruments don’t work inside this cavern. Q’s theory: it is a different electro-magnetic field due to our location to the poles and centre core of the earth. Perhaps the pyramid is somehow connected with sustaining life down here as an eco-generator power plant sort of thing. We would know more when we were able to access the flash drive.

We got to the ridge and made our way down to the jungle, closer to the base of the steps of the pyramid. The steps continued vertically across the one side facing the river. The steps looked like they had been there a long time; made with rocks, chiseled by hand, and carved into the ground. From our vantage point, it was the only way up.

I turned to the Band, “She said to meet her at the top. That is a perfect place for an ambush, one way up and one way down. I don’t like this; I’ll go alone. You guys chill here and stay safe. I will retrieve the weapons she promised and be back ASAP.”

All of a sudden, I felt something odd. My stomach dropped like a stone in water and my arms started to feel heavy. The light from the sky seemed to be getting dimmer.

“Sounds different now. The noise in my head is changing.” Bronco added.

“Yeah, I hear it too,” confirmed Sticks.

“That must be the frequency change Sara talked about. I’d better start climbing.”

I started my climb without knowing what to expect. It seemed to get a little darker with each step. The light in the sky was starting to dim and turn a brilliant purple-pink. The frequency was rising; gravity was getting stronger, heavier. I was having trouble moving my legs. What was happening? Was this nighttime finally? Does gravity get stronger at night? Is this a trap? A million things were going through my head.

I made my way to the top of the pyramid and went inside. There was Sara waiting, dressed in fatigues, carrying a bag of sasers and the Zx643.

“Glad you came alone Captain. Here are your tools, they are resonance weapons. They kill or render a victim unconscious. The dial on the back sets the stun or kill mode. Just point and follow the little light. They each have your DNA programmed into them so you will be the only one authorized to use that particular weapon. They are marked with each soldiers name on it. Don’t mix them up.” Sara instructed. “Get this Zx643 to the Freedom Alliance. Clark found where you guys hid it in the giants’ tombs.”

“You are in a cavern that was designed millions of years ago. They don’t know who built it or exactly when. It is ancient technology that is far superior to ours today. The Nazi /American alliance, back at the end of the Second World War discovered these tunnels and all the scrolls of technology hidden for millions of years.”

“There are all kinds of these tunnels throughout the world and they are all connected. These tunnels are not just your average man-made tunnels. They are vortex tunnels that displace time and space. You came down tunnel 13. Clark was expecting you the whole time. He just got the ETA wrong. There is a time displacement. Roughly one day down here is like 21 days on the surface.” Sara paused.

“Captain I hate to tell you this, but someone in your team has been working for Colonel Clark the whole time. I don’t know who it is, but he is still being mind-controlled. He made sure you guys got down here.”

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