In Mansfield Grey, Today's Feed

Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey

Sticks scoured the jail house office for our weaponry, or something we could use. Bronco looked for a radio receiver or device to allow us to hear their communications. Axe and Pogo seemed kinda lost, while Q and I headed outside to evaluate the situation.

We got to the front hangar door of the complex and immediately saw two jawbreakers charging the building. They must have been 10 feet tall, enormous heads, long red hair, pale white skin and a sort of scaly type complexion. They were 50 yards away and closing.

Just then Sticks, Bronco, Axe, and Pogo joined us at the door.

“Manny, I got our stuff, here ya go boys,” Sticks said calmly, dropping knives, spears, and axes on the floor. “Let’s cut these jawbreakers!”

“Distract, attack, and eliminate, right boys? Just like old times,” I said. “Three men per guard, two go low to take out the Achilles, one goes high for the throat. Go code is green, as soon as they enter the structure.” Code green means two teams. Team one is Axe, Q, and Bronco, and team two is Pogo, Sticks, and I. “Attack upon entry.”

The guards entered hesitantly, saser clubs pointed forward. Pogo stood at the end of the room smiling at the two giants. As they both lifted their sasers up to shoot a frequency at Pogo, Axe and Bronco did a running slide from each side of the hangar door across the floor and sliced each guard’s Achilles tendon. They both hit the floor like a ton of bricks. Sticks, Q, and I then proceeded to take care of business and eliminate both of them.

Outside the building we looked around to get our bearings. “The pyramid is this way,” I pointed over the ridge. “It will take about 45 minutes to get there. Sara said to meet her there in four hours when we hear the pyramid change frequency. What the hell does that even mean? I guess we will find out, huh? I think we should get there as soon as possible hide in the jungle and wait.”

“You trust her Captain?” Q asked, searching for reassurance.

“I think she wants to help, but is caught between helping us and making sure her family survives. She is playing both sides. I feel she wants to do the right thing, and I think it’s our only option right now.”

We made our way down a path towards the ridge, a path that looked like any other in the woods. I had so many questions: about myself, where we were, the atmosphere, gravity, the giant jawbreakers, the Nazi symbols, these saser weapons, and all this frequency shit. I didn’t know what the hell to believe. I guess I will have to just take it as it comes. Just go with the flow, that’s all I can do.

Bronco, who was on point, gave the all-stop signal. It looked like movement in the bushes.

We were all in defensive position, when a giant pig the size of a large bull calmly walked out of the bush and meandered across the path and continued into the woods.

What the hell? I thought to myself.

“Mmmm,” Bronco moaned, licking his lips.

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