No Way Man

 In Mansfield Grey, Today's Feed

Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey

The guard picked up the jump suit guy with one hand and hoisted him over his shoulder, while still keeping his club pointed at the other jump suit guy. I could hear every one of the guy’s hearts pounding as they looked for direction.

“We need that club weapon thing. We have to take this guy out quickly. Maybe we can learn something from the prisoners. Axe and I will take out the giant head, and obtain the club. I want you guys to stay close behind and be ready to jump in if necessary. You four will need to take out the other five guards, so observe the kill and keep a look out. We don’t know what to expect. Once we obtain the club, Q will see how it works; see if we can use it. If so, you guys get it, if not we keep it and go inside and get some answers. The advantage you have is four on one and the element of surprise. Make your way around the compound taking each one out individually and meet us at the front door. Caution, calm, and stealth boys, let’s do this!”

Axe and I quietly made our way towards the guard and the prisoners. When we got to about 10 yards away, we watched the guard point the club at the conscious jump suit guy and blast him in the chest. He went down like a sack of potatoes. He pushes the other guy off his shoulder and walks up to a bush and starts to relieve himself.

That was our chance! I popped out of the brush to distract him, “Hey buddy, were could I catch the next bus outta this hole?”

He turns, sees me, reaches for his club and that’s when the Axe man hits him. He hurtles a 28 inch axe at the beast and hits him perfectly in the back of the head. He is stunned for a second and then drops to the ground. Dark maroon colored blood with black spots that resembles oil starts oozing out of the wound. He starts to move like a fish out of water, smoke starts coming out of the wound and he begins to beep like an alarm clock. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Then he goes silent.

“Holy shit! This guy is a robot? But he bleeds? What is he?” exclaimed Axe.

“He’s done,” I replied. “I got the club. We gotta get this to Q. Let’s see if these prisoners are alive.”

Axe checked the first jump suit guy that got hit, “He’s dead, Manny.”

I bent down to check the pulse of the second jump suit guy. Suddenly his leg swings around and takes my feet out from under me. He knocks me on my ass. We both scramble to get to our feet, simultaneously ready to engage. Axe is 10 feet away from us; he pulls out a knife from his vest and gets ready to throw. Then we both notice the same thing.

“What the fuck?” Axe said, confused.

……It was a woman.

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