In Mansfield Grey, Today's Feed

Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey

I cautiously made my way down the embankment to get a closer look without being detected. I needed to see if it was what it looked like. It looked like a pyramid. It had a bright light beam coming out of the top that reached up to produce a globe, like a miniature sun. The beam looked like it was penetrating into water. But, water which was above us? It was giving off heat and a strange hum, like we had heard in the tunnel. The pyramid seemed to be the source of the 110 Hz frequency we had been hearing.

As I got closer, I noticed hieroglyphs on the waist-level carved stones that led up to the pyramid. They looked like the ones they always showed on TV, the ones from Egypt. How could that be?

Just then a guard walked around the corner of the base. I frantically dove under a large fern that was four times the size it would be on the surface. Luckily, he didn’t see me.

The first thing I noticed was the size of this guy. He must have stood eight feet tall. He had a huge head with a pronounced jaw. He was very muscular and seemed to move stealthily for a guy that size.

As he approached I could now see the uniform. It had a logo on the front breast pocket. The logo read Headlock USA. The emblem on the side arm band was a swastika.

After the guard had passed, I made my way back up the embankment and to the Red Band 1. The guys had been waiting patiently while fashioning weapons for combat. I filled them in on what I had seen.

Q spoke first, “The C.I.A. declared the Third Reich dead back at the end of the Second World War, along with Hitler, Mengele and officers of the Nazi party. At least that’s what they told the general public to alleviate their fear. There have always been rumors in the intelligence community that they escaped to Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil. If those rumors are true, by now they could have established themselves as corporations with all the riches they looted in the war. It would also have been possible to infiltrate companies and buy off certain key figures to manipulate the world economy.” Q paused, “Why down here, five miles under the earth? Did the Nazi’s build these pyramids or did someone else? Manny mentioned the guards have big heads. The dead person back in that burial cave had a huge skull.”

Bronco looked at Q puzzled.

“Where we left the ZX643.” Q added.

“What are they? Are they human? Eight feet tall? Do they bleed? They must die! We saw dead bodies in the holes,” Pogo ranted as he made an arrow out of bamboo.

“How many of these guys do we have to take out Manny?” said Axe.

“I only saw six outside the base, there are probably more inside, but I didn’t see a lot of activity. One guy each and we have the element of surprise on our side. Our goal is to get inside and find out more information on what this place is and about Headlock U.S.A. Just one thing boys, Clark works for Headlock U.S.A. He will be expecting us. So be aware!” I answered.

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