101 Hurts

 In Mansfield Grey, Today's Feed

Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey

We all got some rest, if you could call it that. All I did was think. Thinking to myself was a new thing to me. I could see the difference from when we were being mind-controlled. Before, in this kind of situation, I would be calm, cold, and emotionless, like a robot. Now I find myself drifting off, thinking about my family, home, my dog. It makes me fear what is to come. For the first time in my life I actually have something to lose if I don’t make it out of here. These thoughts never entered my mind before.

“Hey Manny, we’re ready to move, you good?” inquired Sticks.

“All good, let’s see what’s ahead.”

We all started walking up the tunnel. It had been about an hour, I thought. The tunnel seemed to wind side to side. There was always a curved corner we would be walking around. We had the Zx643 waist high with the light shining brightly. We just had to push it along with no pressure and it would float through the air light as a feather.

Sticks held back as we were walking, “Hey Manny, can you hear that?”

“Hear what?” I replied.

“That dull hum. Like an aeioum, aeioum, aeioum.” Sticks demonstrated. “I think the sound is coming from the walls of this tunnel.”

“Yeah, I hear it. That is eerie. I don’t know why, but it gives me the chills,”  I said.

Q broke in,”The EMF says 110 hertz, Manny. That’s the frequency they used to control us. That’s why you feel anxious, as do all of us, I would assume?”

Q, Sticks, Axe, and Pogo nodded, but Bronco chirped, “Hell man, I feel great! You Nancies better go cry to your mommas, I just flew to the moon. Let’s turn that fucker up and float around for a while. Why walk when we can float up the tunnel! C’mon Manny, turn that thing up!”

There was a long pause, everyone looked at me, and then the flood gates opened. We all started laughing hysterically at what Bronco had suggested, including Bronco. We all knew that would be too risky. We didn’t know anything about the Zx643. We were just winging it with that technology.

With the tension broken, I turned to Q, “Will this affect the team going forward, Q?”

Q replied back, addressing all of us. “I actually think we can use this frequency to our advantage. As we walk, if we could think of positive things in our lives, good stuff, family, the friendship and brotherhood of our team. Talk to each other as we walk. Remember good things that happened to us as a group. Only the positive things. Sticks, light up one of your happy sticks and pass it around. Change our consciousness for a bit to rid us of this mind control bullshit we’ve had to go through. We need to to be clear in our minds for whatever we may encounter going forward. Keep our stress hormones down and good vibrations up and we will be fine. The atmosphere is changing as we go, and our bodies seem to be adapting. The stress hormones, the anxiety, fear, insecurity, anger, they all effect the body’s ability to adapt—so everyone be calm, calm, calm.”

“We can let it control us, or choose to ignore it and forge our own path. Is that what your saying, Q?” I asked.

“Right on, Manny,” Q replied.

“You don’t have to tell me twice. Sticks, light me up a fat one, Bro!” Bronco cheered.

“Too bad we don’t have any booze.” said Axe.

“Got the rest of this bourbon from the farm house, thought we might need it at some point.” Pogo revealed.

“Good man Pogowitz! Good man!” I laughed. “Stay positive boys! It is what it is, and we will prevail. Standard Operating Procedure, Gentleman, but not too much.”

And we continued on…..

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