In Mansfield Grey

Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey

Q continued to work with his toys. He called me over and started to explain, “As we go deeper and deeper into the Earth’s mantle, the atmosphere is changing. Oxygen levels are up, and hydrogen levels are increasing. I am seeing spikes in random spots where the electromagnetic field is off the charts and then nothing. There are power surges coming from up ahead as we climb. We are still going deeper, but at the same time we are climbing upward. All my batteries died and then came back to life when the weather machine was turned off. It is as if it charged all the batteries at once. It is strange that the light illuminating from the device was the same brilliance and color of those fireflies we saw earlier. If they were fireflies?”

“What do you mean, Q? What does it all mean?” I asked impatiently.

“Not sure yet. I do know that the atmosphere is becoming more electric, there’s more energy up ahead. As we climb I am getting goose bumps and feeling weird. Not bad, not good, but different. The radiation levels are staying within healthy ranges, but are fluctuating.” Q paused. “As for the weather machine, I think Chin Lo called it the Zx643, it seems to be on the same frequency as whatever is up ahead. Maybe that’s why once we got to this point in the tunnel it was activated. Must have been on the whole time, but it didn’t react until the right power source was available.”

“Yeah, I feel the goose bumps too. My mind feels clearer and I feel really strong. My ribs are completely healed already and we have been down here for what, two days, I think? I am not hungry or tired. I have no recollection of time since our watches died.”

“Hey Manny, check your watch? Is it running again?” Q asked.

“Shit, what’s going on Q?” I replied.

Q started to fiddle with the dials of the Zx643, and the device started illuminate without the vibrating. Suddenly our dark tunnel started to illuminate as if those fireflies where going to light our way. He fiddled around some more and it rose off the ground and started to hover again, only this time everything was calm and controlled and we stayed on the ground.

Q looked at me with a smile and a laugh, “Let there be light.”

Pogo, Bronco, Sticks, and Axe came running back to us to see what was going on.

“Hey boys, looks like we can see where we’re going now,” I said.

Pogo pointed,” Wow! Look at that!”

On the wall of the tunnel were symbols, pictures, and hieroglyphs. We had not seen any of these until now because of the limited light. This adventure was turning into a real mystery I thought to myself. The unknown was just up ahead and we all knew we had a date with her.

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