The Bomb

 In Mansfield Grey, Today's Feed

Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey

“Hey Q, if it’s about that 100 bones I owe you,…hey man, I can get it to you after we are all done with this Caterpillar shit,” I said with a laugh.

“No, Captain, it’s not that. It’s way bigger than that. It concerns the guys, and what we are truly doing here. It’s big, Manny. I have been all messed up since I found out. I can’t even describe how detailed it is. What I found out about Red Band 1 is unbelievable!”

“Slow down Q, no probs man, take your time,” I replied.

Q looked at me with a weird look in his eyes and began, “OK, here it goes…remember that day I called you at home and told you of this mission? The day I said we would make a lot of cash if we did this last job – remember?”

“Yeah,” I answered.

Q started, “That day I was doing research on a project the Colonel wanted me to participate in. It was break time and I phoned you from one of the advisor’s office in Foreign Conflicts. I decided to look up our crew, Red Band 1 on his open computer. What I found was unbelievable! I found all this info on our frequency adjustments. We have all been mind-controlled through drugs and hypnosis. We have had our lives stripped away and given new identities, lives, and consciousness. That’s not the worst thing. I actually found out who we really work for. It isn’t the United States of America, it is a corporation called Headlock Inc. They deal in military weapons and advanced artificial intelligence. I know you and the rest of the guys are like me. We are all a team Manny, so I decided to copy a flash drive from his computer and watch the whole thing at home. I was blown away at what I saw. It shows the torture they put us through, the brain washing, the purpose of it all. We are all just robots, Manny! Robots! And that’s just the tip! What are we gonna do?

“Do you have the flash drive on you?” I questioned.

“Yes! Yes! Manny!” Q shot back.

“Good. We need to watch it before we do anything else, Q…We got some time. This farm house is off the grid for a few hours until they re-coop and start a search. Blackout conditions apply of course. Get the Band in here now. We will all decide what we are going to do as a team. I didn’t sign up for a corporation to use us. I thought I was working for my country, not a bunch of guys trying to make more coin. Fuck that, man! Keep that Caterpillar contained, along with his bag of tricks. He is our wild card because I think things are going to get pretty crazy and people are going to want this guy and his tech. We gotta find out what he knows and what his motives are, but we have to watch this flash drive first. Go get the guys, Q.”

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