Pogo and Sticks

 In Mansfield Grey, Today's Feed

Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey

Bronco picked up the bag. It was heavy. Even for him – a 6’7” kick boxer that once beat up six guys in a bar room brawl without breaking a sweat. It reminded him of his younger days, picking up and dropping off for casino bosses and money launderers. He grew up in Vegas, hustling the streets from age 12. He was a tall kid so he looked older, so people didn’t think nothing of it. Little did he know that just picking up that bag change mankind forever.

What happened five minutes earlier, was that the Caterpillar had just left the table. He made his way to the washroom as expected. He had been intercepted by Pogo and Sticks as he exited the facilities.

The Caterpillar wanted confirmation that they were the extract team. He asked “Does Mary have enough rice?”

Sticks replied, “Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full.”

Standing between the security guards and Caterpillar was Pogo, who was keeping the security guys occupied by making a scene about not being treated fairly at the tables. That had developed a crowd of people who agreed with what Pogo’s comedic rendition of how he was wronged by the establishment, and how these security guards change the vibe of a table. He was always the man for creating a scene where the crowd got a good laugh rather than hostility. This created a nice crowd barrier between security and the Caterpillar.

Bronco, Axe, and I were waiting in the alley of the Mirage. The boys came busting through the door with the Caterpillar and a leather bag. The way they carried it seemed as if it was filled with something really heavy.

“Get the Caterpillar in the car, now!” I yelled.

“Yes captain!” Sticks replied, confidently as always.

Axe was at the exit, while Bronco was at the rear of the car awaiting our mark. The car was running. We were almost on the road, and then it happened.

The security that was detailing Caterpillar opened fire. Axe took two of them out with a couple of knives. Bronco kicked a guy so hard he flew back 10 feet. Sticks got the mark into the back seat and I picked up the two strays that the guys didn’t see. It’s kinda like a system. Everyone knows their job, and everyone relies on each other to watch their back. It was all good.

“Caterpillar secure Captain! Ready to move!” Sticks bellowed.

Everyone else got in the car and we were about to leave when the Caterpillar said. “Where’s the bag? Where’s my bag? The leather bag with the Zx 643 in it? That is the most important! It is life! Do not leave without that bag. It has the fate of all mankind inside. Please get the bag! We need to get that bag!”

“Yo, dude, relax…. Bronco’s got it…ha, ha, ha,” said Bronco. “You dropped it in all the fun filled action! What’s in it Doc? Frickin’ heavy man! Is it the Climate control thing?”

“Oh my friend it is much more than that. It is the future and all of the past. It will change everything forever. Please be careful,” said Chin Lo. “…Why do you guys keep calling me Caterpillar?”

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