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My name is Mansfield Grey. I don’t know if I should be writing this, or communicating my secret life to the public, but my only hope is to get a message to my contact  by . . any means possible.

During one life, you see and speak to many people. There are many paths to travel down.  Some good, some bad and some that are just unexplained. This is a story of one such unexplained experience I had on an April evening in the desert on my way to Las Vegas with some business colleges to attend a conference on photocopiers and digital technology. This was back in 1995 when I was working for a conglomerate that needed me to infiltrate a corporate team that was working on technology to enable a mechanical device to accept personal thoughts and carry out commands to be used in a business envirnoment to change the future of big business. The advantage of this would be cutting edge and the company that could patent this would lead the modern world for the new millenium.

It was about 8pm as the sun set in the dessert that evening in April. I was with my colleges heading to the Mirrage Hotel in Vegas. The sun had that orange purple glow that is so beautiful.   In that one split second it looks like you are in a candy store with all warm colour around you and you need to drink in that colour before it is gone.

As we drove down the road and the sun decended into night, I couldn’t help notice up ahead that the horizon looked as if it was separating from the ground. It looked as if the sky was starting to pull away from the pavement.

I blinked my eyes a few times to try and re-focus. No good… it wasn’t working. The sky was cracking?

I said to my buddies, as I drove the rental car toward the cracked sky.” Do you guys see that? What the hell is that?

The guys sat up and tried to figure out what they where seeing.

“Wow! what the hell is that Manny? Tim said.

Is that for real Mansfield? I don’t believe what I am seeing. The sky is opening up. Stop!…Stop the car!!!Bobby yelled!

I stopped the car and we slowly got out and watched what was happening.

Suddenly we could see a figure, but it was unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was a figure of a person, or like a person. I mean it looked as if it was a person. Then it was gone. Then it was there again. It was appearing and disappearing within that crack in the sky and the pavement on the ground. One second it was there and the next it was gone. For five minutes we watched this figure appear then disappear. We couldn’t understand what we were seeing.

As we watched a vehicle raced up from behind. It was a military Jeep with a couple of guys that looked like they didn”t belong. They where massively muscled, had full military weaponery and had very large heads.

“Weird looking guys'” Bobby said.

“They’re huge ” Tim admired. He was ex military, he could appreciate the training these soldiers went through to get this big.

As they got out and walked toward us, they drew their weapons, and ordered us “Get on the ground NOW”!

We complied, and Timmy stated ” We didn’t do anything.”

The soldier said “You are here and this is a restricted area! You are under arrest!”

“What the hell was that we just saw? That guy, or thing, just appeared and vanished before our eyes? ” What was that”?Bobby said.

The soldiers were silent. They cuffed us, put us in the jeep and drove off into the desert.

The strange thing about it was that Timmy said he didn’t recognize the uniforms they were wearing. They were not of any military branch in the USA that he knew of.

As we drove deeper into the desert it got darker and darker. After about five minutes I looked up into the sky. There were no stars, just blackness. I could hardly make out who was who within the vehicle.

Bobby was right beside me and I grabbed his jacket and didn’t let go. I whispered in the dark, “Stay with me …stay with me”…. then I blacked out.

I awoke in the driver seat of our rental car the next morning in the desert, with Bobby and Tim  asleep in the back seat. The sun was just hitting my face and the air was starting to heat up. The only thing I could remeber up to that point was that the sky went black and I was holding on to Bobby’s jacket. After that it is all a blank.

To this day I truly don’t know what really happened. Did we really get arrested? Did we see something we weren’t suppose to see? Are we on some kind of list? Are people watching us? Did this really happen or is it a dream? Or a nightmare? What does the real future hold ?

I have this weird feeling that we are not suppose to talk about this incident because whenever we do, we all get headaches, some of us worse than others, especially when we are together.

Tim, Bobby and I have agreed to never talk about that time again.The pain is too much when we are all together and try to bring up the subject. It is like our headaches increase when we are in close proximity of each other. I do believe we witnessed some kind of teleportation experiment. It isn’t explainable.  It’s just a feeling I have. I do know that we did experience the military type soldiers, the black sky, the phase in and out of something that we can’t explain.

I know my ego being conditioned to seek the truth will fuel me to find out what it really was, but for now I have to let it go because it gets too painful………..I have to go now, my head is splitting.

I will have to continue at another time…..

Mansfield out.

Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey

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