Old Lizard

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I was completing my 35th year of life when my wife at the time, decided to throw me a surprise party. I am not one for surprises, or somebody making a fuss over me. I am calm , cool, and low key. I get along with everyone, and feel just like an observer of life sometimes. Maybe that is the actor training in me, I would assume.

So the night of my 35th birthday came along and we had arranged to go out with a few friends for dinner, and then back to our place for drinks. We where good partiers back then and had lots of fun. My buddy Fletcher and I would always make up some sort of game that involved having to do a shot if you lost. We where always competitive in a brotherly way.

So after dinner we arrived home and roughly about 20 people we all knew where at our house waiting. Once we arrived, it seemed like all the booze in the world was at my house. We started an epic party, shooting pool, dancing, singing, guitar hero, it was rocking. People from all over started showing up.

As the night went on and more drunk people started showing up, Fletcher and I had an idea, Anyone that came in, had to do a shot, so we got a bottle of vodka and set up the table at the front door and got to it. Every time someone rang the door bell, we gave them a shot. After a while the bottle was getting low so I ran up to the bar to get another.

Just then I saw my sons toy lizard in a plastic coke bottle that he got at the dollar store. You know the ones that you buy and they are 2″ long, then you put it in water and they expand to 10 times the original size? Well there it was a big green lizard inside a coke bottle filled with water. I brought it down to Fletcher and we decided for a gag to give to our friend Joe. We told him it was an old Mexican tequila made by a Mayan Shaman that I had picked up on the black market that fell of a truck.,It was so smooth that it would go down like butter. We where all pretty drunk by this time and figured it wouldn’t have much effect, but we wanted to see if Joe could tell the difference between water and booze at this point.

Much to my surprise, Joe couldn’t tell the difference. his taste buds must have shut down with all the vodka he had earlier. Fletcher and I laughed and laughed, as Joe walked around the party giving shots to all that would have one. They all took a shot, and said hey Joe that is the smoothest Tequila I ever had. I think only about half the people that had a shot of that old lizard tequila knew it was only water.

Today Joe still thinks he was drinking Old Lizard Tequila, made by a Mayan shaman He still asks for it at parties these days when we meet.

Those where the daysssssss!!

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