Allegory of an Elf

 In Diamond Rose, Today's Feed

I’m an elf on the shelf
Thousands are we
I see you starting back at me
But who is me?
If all the same you and we
I’m an elf on the shelf
And I see the little girl who points
And the little boy who laughs
I don’t want to look at all the things I see
I want to turn my head and close my eyes
I can’t do that
I need someone else’s hands to adjust my hat
Autonomy is not mine to have
My mind is my own
I own my mind
And I know that all theirs are too
I know the one ‘cross from me needs to adjust his shoe
And the one ‘side me will never be picked
As he has lost his wit
I’ve seen families both nice and mean
They wander the halls with smiles or ways to demean
I pray to be chosen by the happy and skipping
Then maybe my life will be worth living
I could be part of something
And my eyes I’ll be grateful they cannot close
And I won’t have to worry about where my head goes
But I’ll have a full heart instead
I am an elf on the shelf
And I long to be

Written by: Diamond Rose

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