Mystery’s Answer

 In Boot Hill

Written by: Collette Cottingham


The clinging of her tea spoon filled the air with the smell of old books and coffee dancing around. She loved this cozy little coffee bookstore. The atmosphere was heavenly.

One of the many benefits to her growth. The ability to planet hop. Each planet is different, some are new and primitive. Others are very advanced, the coffee appears before you, there is no labor involved. I am blessed to experience all the planets have to offer.

People are like the planets, each person is at their own unique level of growth. Some people are primitive, while others are more advanced. The ability to time travel is life changing. A goal that is attainable if you are willing to do the work for many lifetimes. One slip can set you back many lifetimes. Especially if there is Karma.

Karma follows you to your next life. You can’t grow until you correct the wrongs. Karma appears as unexplained pains. You can’t grow or recover until you make amends. Once your amends are complete you can grow to your next level. You are on the path to enlightenment.

When you time travel you can’t change time. You can use the opportunity to reflect on your past lives or the lives of others. It took awhile before I could look at my past mistakes without cringing. Everything is a lesson learned. That is why we are here…to grow.

This place was refreshing. It is nice to relax and reflect. Frustrating that I arrived here weeks ago and the mystery of “Lily, the girl in the bookshop was still unknown.

He was also still a mystery. “Jock is the name he carried.” I couldn’t get to close to him or freeze time to examine him. It was too risky since he was on the same level as me. I believe he has a mark like Lily, the bookshop girl.

“You can’t stay away even on your day off.”

“Hi Lily, it is the good tea and conversation.”

“Hey not to creep you out, but I had a dream about you.”

“Do tell”

“You and I were in a strange place. It looked like some kind of storage facility. It was dark and spooky. We were with this really powerful woman. She was looking for something from her father.”

She dropped her spoon. She knew who she was. Oh my goodness, she knew who he was. She had to quietly alert Wnztar. No one could know. This was astounding. Now her dreams of Saren made since. The universe had been communicating all along.

“They say dreams are a vision from our past or of things yet to come.”

“Yah, but no offense I don’t want to be in a dark place with you.”

She laughed, “You probably shouldn’t share the dream with anyone else then.” She looked around to see if anyone heard the dream. The bookshop was quiet. Things appeared safe for now.

She needed to communicate with Wnztar immediately without the Yahzrs knowing.



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