Broken Dreams

 In Boot Hill

Written by: Collette Cottingham


Have you ever traveled to a place over and over and still not known why?

I come here several times a week. I sit in the same place. A bench eight rows back. You will find me on the right side near the end of the bench.

I see an organ, and an organist who fills the air with music. The smell of warm candles dances under my nose. What is this place?

I look around. The people in the benches both in front of me and the people behind me are all strangers. Suddenly there is a clicking of heels on the cold stone floor. I turn and meet the eyes of the woman in heels. She is in a dress wrap with a petty coat. She is perfectly made up. She gives me a warm smile as if we know each other.

A bell chimes over head. I am suddenly drawn to a rumble. The cobble stone floor tears apart. In slow motion the floor cracks from the candle stand to the tip of my toe.

I am terrified, frozen in fear I hear a whisper in my left ear, “The answers you seek are here in this very place. It is time to wake up Saren.”

I sit up in bed, soiled in sweat. It was a new night with the same old dream. Trying to figure out the message of the dream is quite frustrating. I have a few hours until work. Maybe the bookshop where I work can help me unlock these broken dreams.



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