Wntzar’s Desert

 In Boot Hill

Written by: Collette Cottingham


The road was rough, the old Fairlane seemed to be sucking up the dust from the road and blowing it in her face. The dirt settled inside the car like a warm blanket.

She bit her lip longing for fresh air. Everything around her was dusty, the terrain was dry and desolate. It was surprising she didn’t fall asleep.

How could her mother have come from this place? The water, beautiful seasons, trees and lust hillsides were a beautiful daily occurrence on her home planet.

A part of me comes from this desolation. A piece of me is returning home. What a concept. Closing her eyes she breathed in the dusty air. It was here she could feel it. The question was where?

The flat terrain went on for what seemed like forever. This is a great place to hide something. No one would ever want to look here.

She was on a journey of discovery for the mother she never knew. Her mother is buried here. A choice she wanted…why.

She couldn’t go riding into town with her pasty complexion. Instead she would arrive as “Casey Jones.” Another territory, another disguise, this place was different… the gravity here made quick travel impossible. This planet forced you to live at a slower pace.

Her first stop would be the little church. Having never been here…she had no idea what she was looking for, but her mother was here. She would guide her.



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