Wntzar’s Arc

 In Boot Hill

Written by: Collette Cottingham


“I come to you father. I am loosing the light of the crescent. Please do not ignore my calls. It is serious. The light has never faded from me before. It has happened to others, but never me. I am the strong, wise Wntzar of Gelu.”

“Please father give me guidance. I stand here at the alter cold as stone, yet full of love. I know you are here. I can feel you. It is serious! I am afraid! Father do you hear me? I am afraid! This is new to me, can’t you see my tears.”

“I am here at your alter, on the ground weeping and still nothing. Oh God please I can’t go on like this…”

“Listen to the wind dear child”

“I am listening father”

“We are people of the frost. We are from where the frost meets the water’s edge. Where the dew meets the earth. We are the folks that surround you. We weep with you. We yearn to help and guide you. Close your tear filled eyes. Take two deep breaths, now focus on the silence, we are there. Let go of your fear. Go with that feeling in your gut. We are there”

“The battle between good and evil is the longest war of all time. We want you to live life spreading your greatest good. Don’t wear every day evil like a comfy blanket. Throw that weight off your body. You have so much to do, daughter Angel of the Arc.”

“Thank you father”



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