In Boot Hill

Written by: Collette Cottingham

A day without magic is a place of darkness. There is no joy, no light. I haven’t seen magic in many months. A sign magic is possibly disappearing from life. Or maybe my heartbreak has clouded everything…including magic.

Winter is the best time to see magic. It usually sparkles on the frost. I donned my best house coat and slippers. I ventured out into the freezing, frosty morning. The sun was just cresting over the hillside. My breath echoed out into the air as if I was smoking a cool cigar. I gazed at the frost, no sparkle, no magic.

I wanted to crawl back into bed and hide, but I promised Aunt Doris that I would pop into her shop today. Agh!

I climbed the steps to the shop. I was dressed elegant and had on my best war paint aka makeup. Aunt Doris was from an era where elegance and grace were expected even if your mood was not. I like to see her light up. It is better than the alternative…a disappointing scowl.

I pulled open the door and the shop was hopping with customers. The sight of so many people exhausted me. I creeped over to the only empty section. The wooden toys. I don’t think anyone plays with these anymore.

I glanced up across the self and became memorized by his puppy brown eyes. Puppies are so warm, cuddly, they fill my heart with joy. A child walked by disrupting my thoughts. Oh my goodness I have been staring too long. This is embarrassing.

A group of customers walked between us. I used the opportunity to escape. Instead I bumped into the shelf, twisted sideways and landed on my derrière. I prayed I would disappear. Now this was embarrassing!

“Are you okay?”

Physically yes, mentally no, I hope he doesn’t have a straight jacket! “Yes I am okay, just embarrassed.”

“Let me help you up.”

“Thank you”

“Don’t be embarrassed, I stepped out of my car this morning and slid under it.”

He smiled a beautiful warm smile, it was magic. Magic was alive.



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