In Boot Hill

Written by: Collette Cottingham


Nice job human! I love my new castle and kingdom. Just strolling through the grass on a beautiful summer day with my lovely wife. I must sit and admire the view.

“Thor, what are you doing?”

“Thor needs a rest D”

“We are literally 3 steps from our front door, L.”

“I think he is still traumatized from our move D.”

“Doubtful, he was the one traumatizing me.”

“He has been extra clingy”

“L” he should have ridden with you, he likes you better.”

“No, we discussed it, I get too emotional when he is upset. D did you give Thor his medication?”

“He doesn’t need his anxiety medication anymore. I’m the one who should be taking it. Thor I can’t drag you with your leash. The whole neighborhood would judge me.”

Human I have to keep you on a tightrope. You think I have so easily forgotten the cage. I could have you hanged for treason.

“Pick him up D”

“Okay fat cat”

“D look it is the human society setting up in the park. It looks like they have lots of cats. Oh D that would cheer Thor up. A friend to play with.”

“L, I am positive that is not what Thor needs.”

Finally words of wisdom human, keep talking human, Thor is a God he has no friends!

“D, come over here, look at this little sweetie.”

“I can’t. I am holding a cat…on a leash. A cat who is unhappy at the sight of another cat.”

“D, it is a girl. Thor can have a little sister.”

“L, Thor objects”

“No he doesn’t “

Yes he does object. And as crazy as it sounds the God seconds the human’s motion.

“D, what do you think?”

“This is tough Thor. We want to make the lady happy. She looks awful happy.”

Thor is not happy and that is all that matters. My Goddess has become bewitched by that creature. I must break free and save her.

“Thor, hold still, “L” we gotta go. I can’t restrain Thor any longer. You are right! He needs his medicine.”

“Come here Thor, I will make it all better.”

Thor wins this day. Walking in the arms of my love. No little sister for Thor.

“Glad you are holding him “L.” He was getting heavy.”

“D, we will pick her up in three days. I think we should call her Freyja.”



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