The Language of Wntzar

 In Boot Hill

Written by: Collette Cottingham


“Greetings Tyr, it is Mirrum, I am calling because we had another Yahzrs homicide.”

“Another female victim?”


“Where was she killed?”

“Elsewhere…like all the others, with the exception of Mihaila.”

“The Yahzrs want us to find them.”

“I believe so Tyr, I don’t want to get caught up in their turmoil. I want you to keep this discreet like the others. Yahzrs have too many spies. I want you to study things from behind the scenes and report back as usual.”

“Mirrum I will contact Andraste.”

“You will find her at the burial on the edge of town.”

“You already buried the latest victim?”

“No Tyr, the victim Mihaila was removed.”

“I told Andraste to contact me immediately if she was claimed.”

“Tyr, she wasn’t claimed. She was removed sometime in the last few days.”

“What, do you think the Yahzrs?”

“No Tyr, the site is too perfect, too clean. We only discovered she was missing by accident. What can you tell me about Mihaila?”

“Mirrum, she was from Gelu. She was young, but had a vast cord.”

“Very interest, is there anything else.”

“During her cord transfer we discovered she sent a message. She spoke in a language the system doesn’t recognize.”

“Tyr, I think this language is key.”

“So do I Mirrum, I reached out to a linguistics professor. I will touch base with him at once.

“Sounds good, please keep me updated and be discreet.”



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