Depression of Wntzar

 In Boot Hill

Written by: Collette Cottingham


Not where she wanted to be. This planet was immersed in darkness. You could feel the weight of your own energy and everyone else’s.

Bandua was a grey planet. The wildness areas could be pleasant, but the energy bogged you down. Here on the outskirts of Morrigan depression hugged you like an old friend.

Many wanted this task, but Wntzar knew she was the one who could fight the depression and complete the mission.

Under the disguise of darkness Wntzar came to bring her home. Mihaila had been her sister for centuries. Now she had moved on to another dimension. Wntzar would join her there someday, but not today.

The war had been going on for lifetimes. Each side knowing they were right. Everyone thinks they have the best solution. The things people will do so they can have total control and power.

Wntzar knew all to well what would happen if others controlled the weather. Think of all the pain and destruction that would occur.

Her father saw firsthand the suffering. He fought to free others from that control. In the end was he right in doing so?



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