Thor Ever After

 In Boot Hill

Written by: Collette Cottingham


I wake up every morning in the arms of my Goddess…martial heaven.

“Thor why do you sleep horizontal, I am exhausted.”

Human you should be sleeping on the floor.

“D, Thor was just stretching.”

“No L, he was trying to push me out of bed. He likes you better than me.”

My human isn’t as dumb as I thought.

“D, the movers are here”

Good riddens human

“L, did you give Thor his medicine.?

“Yes, D, I slipped it in his breakfast.”

I have been bamboozled. The room is spinning…you savages.

“Well L, it actually worked, Thor is out like a light…lets pack the truck.

Where am I. I am in a cage. The human is driving. I must stop his madness.

“Thor calm down, I know you are upset. I got a new job. We are moving across the State.”

I will move you across the State human.

“L, Thor is awake”

“How is he?”

“Angry, psychotic”

Human you haven’t begun to see psychotic.

“Oh dear D”

“I gotta pull over.”

“Thor you are worked up, let’s calm down.”

Lets drug you and slap you in a cage.

“Okay Thor I am going to let you out, but you have to be calm”

I am coming for you human.


Okay human, this is much better

“Did you work things out…D”

“Yah, Thor is riding in my lap.”

“D, that isn’t safe.”

“Trust me L, it was the only solution.”



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