The Queen

 In Boot Hill, Today's Feed

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Consciously Woman


She walked down the hall. Her long gown swooshed along the floors. People in the hall stopped and bowed. You would think a woman in her position would be full of confidence and power.

In reality, she felt neither. Her head would have been on a spike, but since she produced three strong sons her life was spared…for now.

She was disposable. She could be easily replaced at any moment at any hour. She was continuously on her guard. Her job was to stay alive for her children. It meant playing his sick games.

She never knew what any moment would bring. His mind was full of paranoia. He might believe someone who wanted her place. In reality, they couldn’t handle her position.

They just needed to do the math…seven dead queens, five dead siblings and twenty-three dead advisors. The man let paranoia rule his mind.

He grew up in a time of civil war. He watched his father and a cousin fight for the crown. Thousands lost their lives for someone else’s gain.

His father, King Thomas, ruled the day and was a great king. The country grew in power and wealth. King Thomas and Queen Sara had five children, two strong boys.

The oldest Arthur was to be the next king. He fell ill in the night and died the next day. Young Thomas became the next in line. He was full of confidence. He was born for this. He was a king.

King Thomas passed away a year later. King Thomas the 2nd was crowned in grand style. He was a strong king like his father. He expanded his country and wealth.

One of his first acts as King was to erase anyone who threatened his crown, whether a wise adviser or worse, a blood relative. He wanted no chance of a civil war. He wiped out his extended family.

His new stress was his need for an heir. A male heir. Each new Queen promised a fine son, but could not deliver. The only way he could rid himself of a barren Queen was to kill her.

She didn’t want to be Queen. She had no choice, either marry King Thomas or die along with her whole family. She cried for days. Her father was a physician. He promised to help with the King’s madness.

Her teamwork with her father was the only reason she was still alive. How long would she last?



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