Thor’s Walk

 In Boot Hill, Today's Feed

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Consciously Woman



“Ahh…Thor stop attacking my feet.”

“I am trying to save you ungrateful human.”

“Thor you have too much energy. How about a walk to visit one of your favorite ladies?”

“The goddess, human grab the lead.”

“I will grab your leash Thor.”

“I love this beautiful sunshine. Sun gives this god power.”

“Mom look at the size of that cat!”

“Yes I thought it was a small dog.”

“Thor you are being admired.”

“Of course I am being admired.”

“Thor slow down I can’t run as fast as you.”

“Good help is so hard to find.”

“Thor we are here.”

“This isn’t goddess’s house.”

“We are going to visit one of your favorite ladies…the vet.”

“Human you tricked me!”

“Thor get up. You know you are too heavy for me to drag.”

“You deceived me!”

“Thor lets walk in together. Show the vet how strong you are.”

“Human she knows how strong I am. Obviously you don’t. You better sleep with one eye open!”

“Thor remember she gives you treats.”

“Alright! for the treats.”

“Good boy Thor.”

“After the treats we are leaving human!”

“Afterwards we can go home and watch a movie.”

“It won’t save you human.”

“With a bowl of popcorn.”

“Your life will be spared, but you will still have a sleepless night.”



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