In Permanence of Wings, Today's Feed


Written by: Leni Sosa; Permanence of Wings


His pride and joy. I can’t stand the prick but there’s no doubt about it … he can restore cars like nobody’s business.

It looks brand-spanking new. Mint, how good it looks. Look at these details. I’ve always loved this car. You’d think I’d hate them ’cause of him, but a sweet engine purring is one of my greatest pleasures.

Bastard can love a pile of metal … obsessively looking for dents … polishing it on Sundays. Suppose it’s his religion. But he’d come home and break my jaw without giving it a thought. You know, he’s never had a kind word or done a good thing for anyone in his sorry life.

It was my gramps that taught me everything I know … not him. Gramps was a good man but a poor judge of character. When dad died he hired the prick and mom was lonely. Now they’re both gone – gramps and mom – and I get left with him.

It’s not like I never though about smashing in every window because he loves her, but she doesn’t deserve that. So today … today I want to get in and never stop driving. I want to free her on a long road. Two birds with one stone so to speak. He can’t stop me from leaving but I want the car too.

What you say? He won’t notice until Monday. We’ve got plenty of time to get far, far away. So how about it? Want to ride shotgun. No packing … no saying goodbye to anyone. Just you and me. You and me against the world in this beauty.



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