Well-Lived Part Two

 In Permanence of Wings

Written by: Leni Sosa


But in the knowledge that it is futile to try and turn back the clock – there’s freedom.

Freedom from what we think we should be and freedom from self-criticism and doubt.

And freedom from perfection. That’s massive. It’s that boulder that’s been weighing you down.

Use your arms, use your legs, get some sun, drive in a convertible with no concern for your hair – chase a five year old. Ride that scary rollercoaster.

Skip the brazilian butt lift; join a class to kick some ass instead. Skip the face lift and let those lines set well on your face. It sounds cliche, but those lines are evidence of life. And they are so much sweeter than a bucket of botox.

The best life is a used life. Don’t let them tell you any different. Yes, eat those berries for breakfast, but once in a while, go on a bender.



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