Waiting in the Car

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Written by: Collette Cottingham; Consciously Woman


I hate waiting in the car. I can’t listen to the radio. I can’t make a peep. I have to be nonexistent.

I sit here. My stomach is all in knots. What is happening? Are they okay? What could possibly be taking so long?

I never take this long. I am good. I get in, decorate and get out. I can’t believe I have to wait in the car. Andrea is always the driver. She waits in the car. She is good at it.

But Andrea gets to go on this job “This is personal to her, so she is taking part.”

Big deal, being personal is a better reason to step back. Father is having an affair with this woman. She is out to avenge mother. In reality father broke her heart. Andrea has anger to release.

Andrea will be a number one suspect. She will probably break under pressure and rat us all out.

I hate me right now. How could I possibly draw the short straw. Agh!!
Angela got the lead, Nicole is the supply carrier and Andrea the gofer.

I am usually the lead. I am great at it. Angela is pretty good too. What is taking so long. They had everything. The eggs, shaving cream, petroleum jelly and toilet paper. It is a simple job! Agh!!!

Oh here they come…running…not a good sign. Lets fire up the engine and get out of here.

“Go, go, go”

“What happened Angela?”

“We were just about done when Nicole spied the neighbor out on his deck having a smoke.”

“Who smokes at 3:30 in the morning!”

“Deep breath Nicole”

“Hey I just sprinted seven blocks and through a ravine.”

“What? I parked the car only two blocks away!”

“He chased us Natalie.”

“Yah we had to lose him and then double back.”

“I can’t believe this! It was supposed to be a simple malicious mischievous Angela.”

“Don’t be pissed at her, she saved me”

“Yah I just wish I could have stopped Andrea in time.”

“Andrea are you hurt?”

“Yes I couldn’t see in the dark and fell down the ravine. I twisted my ankle bad.”

“Angela remembered there was something up ahead and pulled me back. Andrea was too far ahead.”

“My ability to run quickly has come back to bite me. I am driving from now on!”

“Good Andrea cause I can’t stay in the car again! Did the neighbor recognize you?”

“No despite all the chaos our costumes and gloves remained intact. Bonus we lost him.”

“Angela he actually fell down the ravine after me.”

“Andrea are you serious!”

“Yes I am sure he was hurt too, but nothing serious.”

“Well I might be evil, but I am glad he was injured.”


“Hey it helped us ditch him.”

“Did you finish the job.”

“Yah we did Natalie.”

“Well that is a relief. We are home. Andrea are you going to be able to sneak in the house?”

“Yah, but its going to hurt.”

“Okay, Andrea stay in the car. Angela, Nicole and I will push the car down the road into the garage. Once the car is parked we will all help Andrea in through the back window.”

“What are we going to tell mom about Andrea’s ankle?”

“Nicole we will say she injured it playing kick the can.”

“Let’s get into bed. We have piano lessons in the morning.”



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