Leni Sosa

 In Permanence of Wings


Leni resides in Ontario and thinks about moving to Canada’s east coast – but then remembers that hell can come in the form of a long, cold winter. She’s an expert on African handshakes and isn’t afraid to get dirty. Leni loves things that go bump in the night, comics, historical fantasy (especially tales about Roanoke), and the kind of novel that keeps breathing long after it’s been closed. She spends her time with freaks that can’t sing and dance but still do, Jell-O shot aficionados, lunatics of all sorts, and children. Sometimes the lunatics are the children. You may spot her inside some town’s shadiest watering hole looking incensed over her losing team. She thinks the best thing about her is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s here because she wants to be.



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