In Permanence of Wings, Today's Feed

Written by: Leni Sosa; Permanence of Wings


What are you doing in the closet?

I’m thinking.

In the closet?

Yes. It’s too loud. It’s just too loud.

But we’re the only ones here.

Yes, but it’s just too loud. I can see what you’re thinking.

See what I’m thinking?

You want me to be … bigger. You want me to be more. I see it. I can only be me.

You are mistaken. I want you to be you too.

But I’m not enough.

No, you’re not. … You’re everything. You’re absolutely everything to me. And I promise you … when I look at you I’m not thinking you should be bigger. I’m thinking about how there was a time I thought I loved without worrying … but I was wrong. I love you so much … and when it’s real love … there’s always worrying. That’s the truth. I look at you and how perfect you are … and I worry that something may hurt you. But now …right now I am thinking that we should go for ice cream. We should get ice cream and visit the harbour, get back and order in … and talk. Because what you feel matters … what you have to say matters. So please come out of the closet and I promise to close my eyes and listen when we get back.

Rocky Road?

Yes. As much Rocky Road as you want.

On a cone?

A waffle cone dipped in chocolate. Well?

With sprinkles.

Tons of sprinkles.




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