The Token

 In Boot Hill, Today's Feed


Written by: Collette Cottingham; Consciously Woman


She walks all over. You could pass her a hundred times and she wouldn’t see you.

She walks with her head down. A sign that she doesn’t know her worth.

She loves her walks. She doesn’t have a routine. She shakes it up.

Some find her bizarre.

She looks under shelves at the store. Checking every coin return she walks by.

She enjoys collecting lost coins.

People make fun of her. One group of children went as far as gluing two coins to the sidewalk.

It has been years and the children are grown but those coins are still fooling countless victims. I am not sure what those kids used, but I think it is permanent.

She is still collecting coins. I figured she needed the extra money. One day I found myself walking the same path as her. I wanted to converse, but she was absorbed in her work.

A woman walking along side me said, “isn’t she amazing.”

“How so?”

“She goes around all year collecting coins and then uses the money to pay off the students’ lunch accounts.”

I stopped in my tracks.


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