Camile: Turtle’s Crescent

 In Boot Hill, Today's Feed


Written by: Collette Cottingham; Consciously Woman


The wind whistled around the storage units; a soda can danced with the wind.

He couldn’t see her. She was quiet and motionless against the side of the building. The minutes ticked on, “Three, four, five.”

This place looks like it should be next to a worn-out trailer park. Instead, it rests on the edge of a desert town. Then again Augwa was a desert plant. Dad did a great job picking this place, “Six, seven, eight.”

The guard walked right next to her. She knew he would never see her. She had taken on the shape of the wooden post. She did fear he would lean up against her. If that happened they would both be in for a surprise. She activated her magnetic field in order to take the cameras down.

He turned and headed back towards the entrance.

“I thought you would never arrive, Ja.”

“Cresta ran into a small snag in Laleek.”

“Is the prognosis blue?”


“Good,” Wnztar was so happy to see Ja. She had been missing family. Ja was the sister she never had; a real girly girl. That was Ja’s secret; Only those close to her knew her strength. “The coast is clear.”

Ja clutched her weapon, “Are you sure this is where he put it?”

“Yes,” Wnztar actually wasn’t positive, but she had a feeling. She looked up towards the rooftop and spotted a small turtle symbol. “Yup, this is the place.”

“What unit number?”

“I’m not sure.”

“He didn’t tell you?”

“He said I would just know.”


“Four, five, six,” he wouldn’t pick three because that’s his favorite number. “Five, six, seven,” he wouldn’t pick eight, because that is my number. “Six, seven, eight,” he wouldn’t pick seven because that is Wallnr’s number. Seven, eight…she stopped and stared at the number above the unit. It looked like two crescents wrapped together, “It’s here Ja.”

“Okay Wnztar let’s see what is behind door number nine.”

Wnztar used her pulse gun to melt the lock. She lifted the door. There was the component. She changed the settings on her weapon and shrunk the component.

Ja stood in awe as she watched Wnztar spin the component into a small turtle.

“Are you ready Ja?”

“Ready as I ever will be.”

Wnztar pressed the turtle into Ja’s arm. She now had a turtle tattoo. “No one will ever suspect Ja.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes and here is some insurance,” Wnztar created a crescent necklace and placed in around Ja’s neck. “This necklace will be the distraction.”

“I must move the component quickly. Cresta is waiting.”

“Go I will see you in Nebu.”




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