In Boot Hill, Today's Feed


Written by: Collette Cottingham; Consciously Woman


The sun glisten through the windows. She rolled over and hugged her pillow.

“Ah, day one of my staycation.”

It was heaven to be awoken by the sun instead of Steve. Well, technically Steve did wake her up by opening the blinds, but he knows how much she enjoys the sun.

I am on vacation, but there was no packing and unpacking, no rushing from place to place. No dead lines; no traffic stress. I don’t care about the weather. I am on vacation. This must be what retirement is like.

“Would you like your usual?”

“Yes Steve, and get the shower ready, and I want to get my nails done at that place where Mindy had her nails done.”

“What time for the appointment?”

“Whenever they can squeeze me in. I am on vacation.”

“Okay let’s stretch.”

“I don’t want to stretch.”

“Stretching keeps the muscles strong, flexible and healthy. This provides a range of motion for the joints. Without it the muscles become short and tight.”

“Alright let’s stretch.”

She glanced at herself in the mirror…


“You gained two pounds yesterday. Your cholesterol is excellent. You BMI levels are still normal and your shower is ready.”

“Thank you, Steve”

“Your manicure is at 10 am. You have forty minutes to prepare.”

“Steve, change my shower to a rush.”

“As you wish, how about your look for today?”

“Lets do casual comfy.”

The shower did a quick wash, dry and blow dry for the hair.

“Do you like the style?”

“Yes Steve, it will compliment my casual comfy look.”

“I have prepared four outfits for you to choose from. You are low on t-shirts. Do you want me to order you some?”

“No thank you.”

“Grace is preparing for your trip. She will be ready in twenty minutes.”


In 2020, they said we would be flying around in the sky. Well fifty years later and we still aren’t flying around in the sky. Grandma tells me in her day she drove the car. That is why people died in accidents fifty years ago. Imagine grandma driving…terrifying!


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