Christmas Sparkle

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Written by: Collette Cottingham; Consciously Woman


I have a headache. I’m not supposed to wake up with a headache. What is all over my sheets? Agh…glitter. I swear this stuff reproduces during the Christmas season. It is all around the Christmas tree, floor, and dining room table, sparkling green, red, white and blue…glitter. This stuff is never going away…it is reproducing.

I need coffee.

Christmas Eve, and I think my Christmas spirit is gone. Tonight’s evening service at church is just what my soul needs. What is sparkling on my face…glitter…see, reproducing!

Of course it’s snowing. I need my shovel from the trunk. What…oh nothe food for the food bank, coats, gloves, and toys for those in need. I let myself get so busy I forgot to drop them off.

I am so incompetent. I can’t believe I let this happen. I ruined Christmas for those that need it most. God won’t care if I cry in church. I am a mess.

Inhale, exhale, and the music takes over. I am worthy; I let the little stuff go; everything will be okay. To everything there is a purpose.

The boy next to me is dirty and wiggling in the pew. I used to be just the same when I was little.

“Dad, I’m really hungry, will we have food today?”

Wow, my problems are so small. My heart physically hurts.

“Hello, I am Elizabeth; I have a trunk full of food. If you could use it, you would really be helping me out.”

“We don’t know what to say…thank you.”

“Come with me,” I opened my trunk and pulled out the coats, hats, gloves, and the bags of food.

“Look, I do have presents.”

“Son, those aren’t for you”

“Yes, they are for all of you.”

“You’re a Christmas Angel.”

I helped them load the food into their car. He talked of losing his job, and with just his wife’s income they were able to pay the bills, but there was no money for extras.

I thought of how any of us could be in the same situation. I am happy I can help.

“Sorry, the packages have glitter all over them.”

“That’s not glitter, it’s the Christmas Spirit. The sparkle reminds you of the true reason for the season.”

I am thankful for glitter and forgetting the stuff in my trunk.

“Thank you, Christmas Angel for giving us Christmas.”

“Thank you for giving me my Christmas joy back.”

Merry Christmas.



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