Dry Falls

 In Boot Hill, Today's Feed


Written by: Collette Cottingham; Consciously Woman


The soft grass crunched under his shoes. He had been here many times before, but it had been years. The river once flowed through the canyon, but was now barren. The only thing that remained was the large hole she left behind. Out of breath he reached the top. He paused and admired the view. Once again he was breathless. Why had it taken him so long to come back?

“Do you like these?”

He turned to his left. There in the middle of the wild flowers was Shannon. Oh how she loved the purple wild flowers. You could find her here every spring.  Her soft brown hair blew with the wind. Her smile warmed his heart. It had been years. To this day she is the kindness person he had ever met. She is truly a good person. He felt lucky enough to have grown up next door to her.

He looked up and Shannon was gone. He looked right and she was standing on the edge of the hill. Shannon’s jeans and t-shirt had been replaced by a cream colored dress with a bow in front. Shannon has tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I can’t come here anymore Brandon.”

“Shannon this is your favorite place, why can’t you come here?”

“Because it is tainted, you let me fall”

And with that Shannon laid back into the canyon. Brandon reached for her dress. The bow broke off in his hand. Shannon slipped away. The only thing that remained was the bow from her dress.

“Shannon, Shannon”

Brandon jolted awake. He was clasping the sheet tightly with his right hand. It was only a dream. He sat up and turned toward the window. Shannon had been right. He did let her go. She was the girl next door, with a beautiful soul. The last time he saw her was on the hillside picking wild flowers. They had plans that evening, but there was a world waiting for him to see. He let her go. Out of sight and out of mind, until now.



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