Lounge Lizard

 In Boot Hill, Today's Feed

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Consciously Woman


The god lounges in the sun. Suddenly he hears children screaming in terror. He snaps to attention and spots children locked hand in hand, forced into a continuous circular motion.

Thor leaps across the sidewalk and pounces through the invisible gravity field surrounding the children. Thor’s sacrifice frees the children. They descend upon him to offer the superhero Thor their appreciation.

It is all in a days’ work for this superhero.

Ring; ring…”Hello?”

“Hey D, what are you doing?”

“I am lounging outside with Thor.”

“Wow, I didn’t think he would ever go outside again after the weed-wacker incident.”

“He will go outside as long as I stay close by. He is getting brave. He just jumped between some children playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie.”

The God Thor moves cautiously back to home base. The enemy is furious; Thor foiled his plan.


Thor turns on his invisibility shield to avoid being seen by the enemy.

“Gotta go, Thor was just scared by a car door and is hiding in the shrubs.”

“Thor, let me carry you inside. Wow, you are getting quite heavy.”

Human…lest I remind you my body armor is necessarily heavy. The things I put up with!

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