A Walk in the Park

 In Boot Hill, Today's Feed

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Consciously Woman

Alas, beautiful sunshine, green grass with crunchy leaves – complete with a cold breeze; I so enjoy the park. Here I am free to roam and explore as a god should.

The god squeezes into the shrubs to spy on the enemy. He spots a bird on a wire. The god plans his attack. Then runs and leaps at the nearest tree…

Ah! The god is pulled to the ground hard, the pain. The bird on the wire will live for another day.

“Thor, are you okay?”

“What do you think, Human? You yanked so hard I almost lost my lunch.”

“Thor, you must have forgotten about your leash.”

Who puts a god in a leash!

“You get scared easily Thor. This is the only way I could get you outside.”

You forget I was almost sliced in two by a Weedwacker! I almost died!

“Calm down Thor.”

I am calm!

“Hello D, hello Thor.”

It’s the Goddess!

“Say hello Thor”

You are testing my patience, Human. You did not mention that we were meeting the Goddess. I have not properly bathed and then there’s this leash!

“Is he okay, D?”

“Yes, he just is a little stressed.”

Oh Human, if you hadn’t rescued me from the dungeon…I would tell you to sleep with one eye open.

“Thor come here…there isn’t this better?”

Snuggling with a goddess on a beautiful fall day, yes it is all better now.

“I think Thor prefers you over me.”

You got that right Human.

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