In Boot Hill, Today's Feed

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Consciously Woman

Their eyes met across the room. She was completely memorized; it was love at first sight.

She loved every crevice, smooth surface, and texture. She was in awe. Her life felt whole and complete. She thought, “Where have you been all my life?”

People cut in between them. She had no choice but to converse. This was a party after all. She couldn’t focus on the conversation. Her thoughts were of something else: the decadence, flavor, beauty, and warmth. She could taste their love on her lips.

She had never felt this way before. Than a panicked thought filled her mind: what if someone else got there first?

They could take it away. They would enjoy all the sweetness and joy. Her stomach turned at the very thought. She felt light-headed, and needed to sit down. After catching her breath, she realized she couldn’t wait any longer.

She stood tall, inhaled and exhaled, then walked up to him. She was shaking. Her nerves were quivering with excitement.

“Excuse me sir, I would like the beautiful, luscious, fudge-filled, ribbon-filled, chocolate indulgence cake.”

“Would you like it warmed with ice cream?”

“Yes, and with some fresh strawberries on top.”

“I will bring it over to you.”

“Thank you,” her love would be here shortly. She could tell this would be a night she would remember forever. Her life would never be the same. She would savor every bite then long for the indulgence once it was gone.

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