The Goddess

 In Boot Hill, Today's Feed

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Consciously Woman

Oh, the Grandma-human has arrived with food. I must inspect!

“Thor is on the counter in the grocery sacks, he is so adorable.”

“Thor has a mind of his own.”

Let’s see…tuna, salmon…wait this salmon is too big for one feeding. Of course I will split it up; a meal for a day. Grandma is a smart human. Ha ha, Grandma you bought green leafy stuff. My human never touches that stuff. Hmm candles, brownies, ah yes…blast butter popcorn!!! I happy dance into the arms of Grandma.

“Yes Thor, Grandma remembers what you like. Well I better go, have fun tonight.”

“Thanks Mom, love you.”

What are we going tonight?

“Thor, do you want to help me clean?”

Have you gone insane? Meager chores are beneath me. I am exhausted from all the Grandma excitement. I am going to my tower. Do not disturb me, human.

I love my naps. What is that aroma? Salmon, brownies and vanilla; yum, my human prepared a beautiful meal. Look at this place I have never seen it this clean. And the table has a cloth, napkins and candles, nice touch.

Knock, knock.

Oh, I have a guest.

“Hello, how are you, you must be Thor.”

And you are a goddess. My human got me my own goddess. I see hearts everywhere. She is perfect. Her voice is music, her eyes are sparkling pebbles, and her hair is black velvet. Where have you been all my life? Her touch is magic.

“Let’s eat.”

Perfect human, serve us dinner. Two places – one for her and one for me.

“Thor, you are in my seat.”

No human, you serve, not eat. Ouch let go of me – I don’t want to take you out. He took my seat and put the god Thor on the floor.

“Oh, Thor wants to join us.”

“I will put him in the bedroom.”

“Oh, he is fine”

“I will get an extra chair.”

“Thor I love how you sit properly in a chair.”

I knew you would understand goddess. Tell me all about yourself.


Stop interrupting human.

“I would love some, thank you.”

Alright, I will eat the salad too. I don’t understand my human always said it was poison and now he is chocking it down. I have this delightful meal, yet I hardly ate. My stomach is dancing with excitement – a real life goddess, for me.

“Thank you for the wonderful evening. Thor it was a pleasure meeting you.”

What? No, the goddess stays. The human must leave.

“Let me walk you to your car.”

Good plan human, protect the goddess. Goodbye my love, until we meet again.

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