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Written by: Leni Sosa; Permanence of Wings

Okay, folks, give me what you’ve got. Everyone’s working on Maine coverage. So let’s get that out of the way so we can put that one aside. How many dead?


Stay on that. This one has been gold. No one expects this in Maine…Florida yes, but Maine…You know what kind of victim stories we’re covering, right? We know who our audience is, so make sure there’s extra coverage on the relatable ones. What else?

Even if the less relatable ones outweigh the white pretty girls. It happened in a…

Yes. And don’t roll your eyes at me. Next?

What about that new euthanasia law?

No. I’m talking about something a little juicier here…changes to law aren’t exciting. Everyone’s already heard about what set that ball rolling for about a month now. No one needs a recap on Tammy Dunato. Have you gone through the other outlets looking for something with some shock value?

There’s that case about the Salem kid that…no one has picked it up yet.

Yes, I got your notes…disturbing…the kind of stuff that nightmares are made of. Run with it. No one will sleep well tonight after hearing about that one. How did you land it?

You’ll love this, someone working the case.

Just make sure we don’t piss anyone off. See if your contact will talk…unlikely, but worth a shot. If not, chase down the lead detective and remind him…the story will get out anyway. At the very least, get them to commit to keeping you in the loop if you wait on it. So, follow it up…but make sure we don’t make enemies. Anything else?

There’s that youth initiative – it’s been really successful. Muslim, Hindu, Christian, and Jewish youth working together for…

Too sweet…almost saccharin.


What else?

There’s that Mosque that got vandalized.

Oh, and that cathedral too!

Who’s responsible for those? Do either of you know? Are they related? Any injuries? I need the Intel around those. Otherwise it’s not worth mentioning today.

Well, maybe it was a mutual hate act.

But they’re in different major cities.

Yah, okay, but…

Why don’t you both work together and figure out the best way to spin it…nothing that can get us in trouble, though.

Actually, I may have gotten wind of a Jewish-Muslim romance in that youth initiative.

That could work. People love that Romeo and Juliet shit…and when we’re talking about one between a Muslim and a Jew…gold. Follow that one up.

Some guy gave some homeless man a car…didn’t know him. Maybe we can do a full interview. Read it on…

No, it’s a waste.


That guy already filmed it and plastered it on his social media accounts. You should see how the camera captures a close up of this startled homeless guy – kind of awesome and gross at the same time. Anyway, not much more to add.

Okay, Justin, skip it. Besides, I don’t want it to be another ‘homeless guy gives some chick in need a $20’. People aren’t that fond of the homeless these days. Damn it, Kim, stop rolling your damn eyes at me.

I’ve got one…Ebola has crossed borders again and…

No. People are sick of hearing about it.

But the WHO said…

No. Okay, get to it. We’ll meet again in two hours sharp.

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