In Boot Hill, Today's Feed

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Consciously Woman

Awe…that was a nap. And there is my human sitting on the sofa starting at that rectangle box.

This god must investigate. The God Thor springs down from his carpet tower. He moves with stealth around the sofa. Thor pokes his head over the sofa.

Of course my face is at my human’s shoulder and he doesn’t even know I am here. “What is with this box?”

There are flashing lights and noise coming from the box. “This box has hypnotized my human!”

“Well hello Thor, do you want to watch television with me?”

“Ah, it’s a trap! Get your paws off me.”

“Hold still Thor, I am just trying to pet you.”

“A little more to the left, yes right behind my ear.”

Well, now I am determined this box will not hypnotize the God Thor! I will stare down this box…I smell butter, salt, and corn.

“Human what are you putting in your mouth?”

I better inspect. It is white and fluffy. I must sample one, yes, salty, buttery, soft with a little crisp…this is delicious.

“Thor you look so cute sitting on the sofa like a human eating popcorn. Do you like movie night?”

“I am trying to protect you, ungrateful human. You are lucky, most humans don’t live with a god! Now keep the white, fluffy stuff coming.”

Yawn, oh no I fell asleep. Was I hypnotized by the box? No it was the white, fluffy stuff. It must have a sleeping agent inside. I will have to exercise better restraint.

Ding! “Thor I have more popcorn, would you like some?”

“No,” I smell butter and sweet corn, I must resist. “Stop waving that bowl in front of me. It is poison.”

“Okay then, more for me.”

Don’t set the bowl beside me. It lures me in. I can’t stop myself. I have found my kryptonite!

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