Heart Break

 In Boot Hill

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Consciously Woman

Are you okay?


What are you doing?

Laying on the floor.


How is that good?

You got out of bed today!

So I accomplished something.

I guess this means you haven’t showered or brushed your teeth.

That requires energy I don’t have.

Sorry I made you cry, I didn’t mean to push you. Work at your own pace. Do you want me to come over?

No, I want to wallow alone.


Steph, how can you stand talking to me?

I have been there.

I can’t even stand myself right now.

One day at a time. Right now it feels like this will last forever, but it won’t.

Was I this kind when your heart was broken?

Yes, you were.

You held it together better.

Nah, time must have clouded your perspective, I was a mess.

All I do is…

Awe Liz I am coming over.

No it is bad enough you have to hear me cry, but seeing it, it isn’t pretty.

I will pick up some medicine and chocolate.

They make medicine for broken hearts?

Yes, it’s called alcohol.

I can’t, I am a mess.

I am still coming over.


Because you sound sick.

I am.

No, you are congested from crying so hard.

See, a mess.

Good, I’ll join you. I haven’t been a hot mess in months.

Great, two hot messes.

I know.

Okay stop making me laugh it is too painful.

I will grab the chocolate and the sappy movies.

Don’t forget the medicine.

I didn’t think you wanted medicine.

Of course I need something to combat your cheerfulness.

That’s why we’re friends Liz.

I am not showering.

Okay and your teeth?


I’ll bring an air freshener.

It won’t help. You should just stay home.

I am on my way.

Steph, remember floral scents give me a headache? Steph? Great, she is going to bring that awful wild rose spray!

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