In Permanence of Wings, Today's Feed

Written by: Leni Sosa; Permanence of Wings

The inflection of every sound is unique. The volume, intensity, pitch, and timbre produced by the movement, density, and temperature of Lake Ontario from one interval in time to the next. This confirms the Lake’s abhorrence of ‘permanent cadence’ and when I think I’ve figured out its pattern and rhythm, it delivers the unexpected.
I walk along the shore and take in the empty beach, the lashing wind on my face and the old friend I’ve come to see.
I eventually find a spot to sit and I’ve got my blankets and thermos with me. It is cold, but I’ve been hungry for this moment. I sit and reminisce over the times I sat by the Lake.
I’ve been through many cities and towns to arrive at one of the Lake’s many shores to remember, clear my head, find my bearings, or make difficult decisions.
I’m in awe of, and grateful for, all my old friend has been to me. Despite its existence in a state of flux, the Lake is a real constant in my life.
Nature creates and it thrives, and the Lake reminds me to do the same. It holds a real place as the backdrop for so much of my existence. For some, technique and study are the primary inspirations. I have been moved to create by the experiences of other people, but my life and who I am, the best and worst of it, has and always will be the primary source of my humble offerings.
After breathing in and listening to the waves, I skip some rocks and draw a heart in the sand that will be pulled into the water. This is a ritual of mine when I come alone.
Sometimes it is a testament to how I want to exist in this world. It’s never meant to be a symbol of something I’m leaving behind because I always return. It’s a reminder of what, with an open heart, I always find.

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