The Tooth Fairy Who Frightened Me

 In Boot Hill, Today's Feed

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Boot Hill

It was lunchtime, my favorite part of the school day.  I bit into my Rice Krispie, “Ow!” My front tooth hurt.  I tried another bite, “Ouch.”

My friend Drew strolled up, “Hey Will, let’s play tag,” Drew reached out and tapped my shoulder and yelled, “You’re it!” then dashed off toward the grassy fields of Woodinville Elementary.

I did not follow.

Drew turned around and ran back.  He flopped down next to me, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to play,”

“Why not?”

“My tooth hurts.”

“Let me see,” Drew shoved his fingers in my mouth.  He gave my front tooth a wiggle. “Awe, that’s nothing, you just have a loose tooth.”

“A what?!”

“A loose tooth.”

“I need to go to the nurse’s office.”

“Everybody loses teeth.”

“You mean it’s going to come out?”  I asked, “But I like this tooth, it is one of my favorites!”

“Awe, don’t worry about it”

“I’m not worried.” Actually I was terrified, but I did not want Drew to see.

“It’s fun to lose your baby teeth, because you get new bigger teeth, and you get a prize from the tooth fairy.”

“Tooth Fairy, who’s that?”

“You know the blue lady with wings that flies into your house at night, takes your tooth, and replaces it with a prize,” Drew said with his blue eyes gleaming.

I stared at him. I didn’t want a strange blue lady flying into my home and taking my things! Besides this was my tooth and I was going to keep it!

After school I sprinted home. I had to stop this tooth from falling out! Maybe a Band-aid would help? I went into the bathroom and grabbed the box of Band-aids. I pasted one Band-aid over my tooth.  It wouldn’t stick!  What else could I do?  I looked around and saw a shiny white box of cloth Band-aids. I wrapped one around the tooth. It stuck. This boy was keeping his tooth!

“Will, what are you doing?” Mom said, from the doorway.

“I ‘# *[#+” I mumbled.

“What? Take that tape out so I can understand you.”

I pulled the tape off, “I’m trying to save my tooth.”

“From what?”

“From the blue lady with wings”

“You mean the Tooth Fairy?”

I peered up at her, “You know who the tooth fairy is?”

“Yes, I know her quite well,” she looked at me, “Will, do you have a loose tooth?”


“Oh good, let’s go make you some chocolate pudding.”

“I love pudding.”

While slurping down my chocolate pudding, Mom told me about the tooth fairy.  Suddenly I had a thought, “Hey mom, can you help me make a special pillow to put my tooth in?”

“Why yes, Will that is a wonderful idea.”

I grinned. Things were looking up: special food, a prize, and a pillow with a secret pocket, just for my tooth! I wiggled my tooth. Just how long would it take to fall out? Hmm, maybe I could help it along some. My kite string might work….

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