In Boot Hill, Today's Feed

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Consciously Woman

I cried for you today. It doesn’t matter the day or the weather, I cry for you. I manage to function each and every day, yet inside I cry for you. I look normal to the average person, but inside my tears flow. Time has not slowed my tears, my cuts have not healed. They have turned into deep caverns within my soul. My tears fill every crack and crevice.

I don’t blame you. I don’t blame me. I blame the eclipse. It arrived like any other day and stole you away. While I am left here where pain and sorrow live and play. My happiness disappeared with the sun and moon.

I miss you every day. With each passing day I think you will reappear, but the months have turned into years. I must face reality. You are gone. You are never coming back. You’ve moved on. To a place I do not know, a place where the sun and moon live as one.

You must be very happy there to never think about me. You don’t worry about me anymore. I still worry about you. I hope you are happy and safe. I hope your dreams have come true without me in your space.

I wonder what we would be doing today if the eclipse hadn’t stolen you away. Maybe we would lie in the warm sand with the ocean crashing all around. Our laughter would echo through the wind. We could snuggle under a starry night and look for strange lights dancing in the night.

I need to move forward with my life. I can’t because the eclipse has blocked my heart. Sorrow flows from my heart and soul. I will never love anyone the way I loved you. I gave you all of me, heart and soul. I hold on to hope that maybe the eclipse will let you go.

Are you happy there, are you loved? Do I cross your mind at all? I don’t think I will ever let you go. You are a part of me no matter where you go. I cry for you today.

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