In Boot Hill, Today's Feed

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Boot Hill

I came into this world the runt of the litter. I was unwanted. I was dumped on the door step of a shelter. The shelter cleaned me up and made me presentable. A young college man came into the shelter looking for a cat. A friend to fill the empty space left after leaving home. He chose me. I was so excited, but he returned me to the shelter. Once again I was unwanted.

I watched other cats arrive at the shelter and leave. No one wanted me, especially since I wasn’t a cute kitten anymore. The shelter staff took pity on me. The let me roam around the shelter. I would sit up on the counter like a human and let all my fur hang out. It didn’t matter. I wasn’t going anywhere. I would be a lifelong shelter cat.

Then one day he walked in. A young man with dark circles under his eyes, t-shirt, jeans, one hair sticking up, this poor man needed help. I sat there looking smug. He walked right up and pet my belly. “I have never seen a cat sit like a person,” he laughed. I showed no emotion, another college student, yipee.

He wanted to adopt a cat. The staff told him to look around. He asked them about my story. The staff said, “Rocky has been here a while. He is up for adoption like all the cats here.” Rocky – a name I loathed. It didn’t fit me at all. I am three feet high, a runt who grew into a giant.

“I want to adopt him,” D said.

What, another college student, I thought…great. The staff was nuts. They let him adopt me and change my name.

“His new name will be Thor,” D said.

Like the god, now we were speaking the same language, a name that fit me.

On the car ride home I tried to lay down the law, but it was loud and scary. Good thing D had me to keep us safe. My new home was small. D set up my bathroom area to my specifications. He proved worthy as a servant to a god.

Then he prepared my supper. He set my food on the floor. You don’t put a god’s food on the floor. I found a better place…on the kitchen table. I could sit in the chairs and eat like a human. He was amazed. I licked my paws and told him to calm down.

He brought out a scratching post for me. It was a stick with carpet. You have got to be kidding me. Thank goodness this woman I would come to know as Grandma showed up. She had a tower from floor to ceiling. She brought a gift worthy of the god Thor. I quickly leaped to the top of my tower. This would be perfect. I could see the whole kingdom from here.

At bed time he led me to a small pillow on the floor. I found a better bed…one next to my new servant. I could stretch out. I had all the space I needed.

Thor was home.

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